Thermal Power Generation based on Gas and Steam Turbines



EUTurbines represents the interests of the whole sector of the gas and steam turbine industry. As a recognised and respected voice of the sector it aims at integrating all European manufacturers of the sector, covering all relevant applications.

The Association advocates a competitive economic and legislative environment for the sector EUTurbines supports its members by advocating a framework that supports European turbine manufacturers in developing and growing R&I as well as manufacturing of turbines in Europe.

EUTurbines promotes the role of turbine-based power generation by increasing the understanding of the role of turbine- based power generation among stakeholders in the context of European and global energy-related discussions.




Credible& Reliable: We provide realistic and trustworthy information based on facts to legislators, policy makers and other partners.

Innovative: We promote constant innovation efforts. Our positions on technical and environmental topics are based on state of the art turbines technology.

Sustainable: We support a sustainable transition of the energy system aiming at decarbonising energy generation.

Global-thinking: We support the global approach of the European industry in our positioning and activities and liaise with partners worldwide.

Forward-looking & Consensus-oriented: We pick up topics ahead of time and form industry opinions. A consensus-based decision making is the preferred option.

Industry-driven & Compliant with antitrust law: We act based on solid input from our industry members and represent industry interests – in full compliance with European competition law