Thermal Power Generation based on Gas and Steam Turbines

European Technology, global Leadership

The European gas & steam turbine industry will maintain its global technology leadership in a quickly changing environment that requires new innovative solutions on the way to decarbonising the European and global energy sector. The members of EUTurbines are

  • The global competence center for integrated innovative turbine-based solutions for the energy sector and the energy intensive process industry
  • Focusing on increasing efficiency and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants
  • Maintaining a strong manufacturing base as well as research and development centers in Europe

Essential technology in the future decarbonised European Energy mix

The European gas & steam turbine industry develops and provides technologies that support the energy policy targets of the European Union. The members of EUTurbines offer

  • Highly flexible power plants, able to adapt to an increased share of variable renewables and, by this, ensuring grid stability and security of supply
  • The integration of gas turbines as part of a hydrogen or methane-based carbon free energy concept (power-to-gas)
  • The efficient coupling of the electricity and heating & cooling sectors through turbine-based cogeneration in urban as well as industrial areas
  • Mechanical drive solutions for gas transportation and other industrial applications

Attractive solutions for global energy needs

The European gas & steam turbine industry successfully offers turbine-based solutions matching for the diverse global energy needs. The members of EUTurbines offer

  • Affordable small and large-scale base-load power plants globally, adapting highly-sophisticated European technology to reduce costs as well as emissions
  • Large-scale solutions for renewable energy sources like geothermal or concentrated solar power plants