Policy Recommendations

EUTurbines calls for an implementation of the EU Energy System Integration and Hydrogen Strategies, that ensures no one is left behind and guarantees the swift transition towards a reliable, cost-efficient and climate-neutral energy system.

Setting up a favourable framework

  • The role of gas – beyond the transitional period – is recognised, with the progressive introduction of renewable and low-carbon gases  
  • The smart coupling of the electricity, gas and heat & cold sectors is promoted, optimising interactions in all directions
  • The supply of hydrogen and other renewable and low-carbon gases to gas power plants is ensured

Switching to renewable and low-carbon gases

  • A credible plan for the decarbonisation of the gas network is developed, providing predictability
  • The use of low-carbon hydrogen as an interim step is accepted, to quickly upscale the introduction of decarbonised gases in the gas network
  • The contribution of renewable gas power generation to the future energy system is recognised

Implementing the concepts

  • Adequate EU R&I support is available, encouraging the further development of sector coupling and power-to-gas solutions – as well as power-to-gas-to-power
  • Investments are made, facilitating the swift ramp-up of clean hydrogen production and large scale demonstration projects to demonstrate its use
  • Hydrogen-ready gas turbines are recognised as a sustainable technology in the EU Taxonomy criteria