EUTurbines Position on Impacts of variation in European H-gas quality

30 May 2017

EUTurbines supports the idea of improving the security of supply on the European gas market by increasing the number of sources for gas in Europe and by creating a real European gas network. It is recognised that this includes gases of a diverging composition.

To ensure that gas turbines operate efficiently, safely and within the allowed emission limits, it is essential that the composition of gas reaching the gas turbine stays stable within a defined bandwidth for which it has been designed and tuned for. Any exceeding values will lead to the need of hardware adaptations, so that the performance and efficiency of the turbine is not affected.  Any unnecessary costs due to the need to adapt the technology to variations in the gas quality have to be avoided or minimised.

Regionally different qualities should continue to be possible in the future. In the same way, existing good practices should not be forgotten and should continue being used.

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