ETIP SNET Whitepaper on Flexible Power Generation published

ETIP SNET Whitepaper on Flexible Power Generation published 

The Working Group 3 on Flexible Generation of the ETIP SNET (European Technology and Innovation Platforms: Smart Network for Energy Transitionrecently published a White Paper on the future of flexible power generation in a climate-neutral European energy systemThe document illustrates the pathway towards flexible and climate-neutral electricity production, including the necessary steps to achieve the targets of the ETIP SNET Vision 2050 

The White Paper focuses on three interrelated points: both the challenges and technological requirements related to the switch to climate-neutral fuels and a description of the energy transition scenario. The scenario foresees a switch from carbon fuels to an increased use of low-carbon and renewable gases. In this regard, gas turbines take on a very central role: the authors note that, in addition to high operational flexibility and energy efficiency, modern gas turbines also offer fuel flexibility. Indeed, gas turbine manufacturers offer an increasing range of products that run on renewable gases in order to produce power or help during industrial processes. In the context of seasonal storage, the generation of green hydrogen through the application of Power-to-X technologies using the surplus of variable renewable power (PV & wind) is recognised “to play an important role in the future”.  

Representing the interests of the turbine industry, EUTurbines and its members are very active in the ETIP SNET – both in the Governing Board and working group 3. One of our key experts within EUTurbines and the Task Force Research, Alexander Wiedermann (MAN Energy Solutions) was recently appointed chair of this working group.  

The White Paper can be found here.