EUTurbines at PowerGen Europe: The turbine industry is future proof

Co-located with the European Utility Week, this year’s PowerGen Europe offered key insights into the most important aspects of the European energy transition and power generation in general. EUTurbines President Thomas Thiemann participated in two separate sessions, each dedicated to present opportunities and challenges for the decarbonisation of the future energy system.

During the first session, as part of the Summit Programme, T. Thiemann underlined the important role of renewable gases in the decarbonisation process of future power generation. By referring to the turbine manufacturers renewable gas commitments #PowerTheEU, he emphasised the contributions of the turbine sector to the transition towards a decarbonised energy system. He added that the industry is also developing retrofitting solutions for existing gas turbines as it will allow a smart and cost-efficient utilisation of the existing infrastructure.

During the second session, a panel discussion about the transition to a new and greener energy system under the Initiate! Programme, EUTurbines President T. Thiemann stressed the importance of sector coupling in the energy transition. He stated that the turbine industry is already providing future-proof technologies that will be able to use renewable gases and provide increased energy efficiency for power generation and industrial processes. Finally, T. Thiemann advocated for a favourable framework and research support that enables a fast decarbonisation of gas and promotes the use of renewable gases and hydrogen, also in power generation. 

PowerGen Europe is considered to be the most important power generation convention in Europe, with over 18,000 visitors and 800 exhibitors. It goes without saying that EUTurbines attended this crucial high-level event in order to present the latest developments within the turbine industry and how it contributes to feeding and stabilising the European power grid.