The benefits of Power-to-X: Letter to Frans Timmermans

In a joint letter to Frans Timmermans, the new European Commission’s Executive Vice President and responsible for the European Green Deal, technology providers, transport and energy associations call for a market-driven approach to Power-to-X applications in the future.

The document highlights the importance of sector coupling and integration in order to achieve climate neutrality. In this context, hydrogen and other renewable gases will play a crucial part since they can be produced in a clean and sustainable way.

Different sectors where Power-to-X plays a central role in guaranteeing a climate neutral world are covered, including power generation. The letter refers to the storage capacity of the gas infrastructure and the consequent possibility to transform the produced renewable and low-carbon gases to power, heat or cold. It also points out how the gas turbine industry will be able to contribute to an affordable, reliable and climate-neutral energy system, thanks to its commitment to provide 100% hydrogen solutions by 2030.

The signatories of the letter, which can be found here, call for an appropriate and supportive regulatory framework, through

- the establishment of a European Hydrogen Strategy,
- the promotion of sector coupling and integration
- support and investments in research and development
- a level-playing field for all technologies (technology neutral approach)
- the promotion of Power-to-X as crucial technology for reaching the Paris agreement.

With this joint statement, the signatories call on the European Commission to start a dialogue in order to identify the needs for a market-driven uptake of Power-to-X. EUTurbines is looking forward to engaging in the discussions about the needs of the future energy system.