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Joint Press Release: A carbon-neutral but reliable energy system is possible

Ahead of the European Commission’s consultation on the EU Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy, the sector of gas-based power generation highlights one of the energy system’s most promising...

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E&M Powernews - EU research project on flexibility

German magazine "Energie & Management" published a most informative article on the EU research procject working on the flexibility of power plants driven by turbines, emphasizing the participation of EUTurbines members.

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EUGINE / EUTurbines Press Release - High potential for Power-to-Gas in power generation

Power-to-Gas-to-Power is a promising solution, which can contribute to solving the flexibility challenge in a system with an ever-increasing share of variable renewable energy sources - but needs a favourable framework. This was the main conclusion of the conference “Power-to-Gas:...

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Press Release - New President

European turbines industry elects new leadership team

Michael Ladwig from GE Power in Switzerland is the elected new President of EUTurbines, the association representing Europe’s gas and steam turbine based technology providers. The new leadership team for the next 2 years...

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Flexible Gas-to-Power is important for the Energy Union and needs a suitable framework

Gas-to-Power has a strong, complementing role to play with an increasing share of variable renewables in the European energy mix. This was one of the key statements conveyed at an event organised jointly by EUGINE, EUTurbines and GasNaturally representing the...

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European Electricity Market Design: Flexibility of the energy system

EUTurbines welcomes the publication of the consultative communication on a new electricity market design today. This initiative arrives at the time when the growing share of intermittent renewable energy sources poses a flexibility challenge to the energy system that needs...

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Energy Union Package: What it needs to achieve a fully integrated electricity market

EUTurbines welcomes the publication of the Energy Union Package
yesterday. EUTurbines shares the European Commission’s opinion that only with a long-term, ambitious energy policy framework the EU will be able to achieve a sustainable, competitive and secure energy system.

A fully...

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