Spotlight on: Digitalisation and Turbine Technology

The complex energy ecosystem presents new challengers for all energy players that require new flexible solutions. The digitalisation of the energy system is equally transforming the energy industry. In this article EUTurbines puts the “Spotlight on: Digitalisation and Turbine Technology”.



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Spotlight on: Presidential review & preview

The outgoing and incoming EUTurbines presidents share a review and preview on the association’s key priorities and processes, achievements and challenges. Michael Ladwig (GE Power) has been EUTurbines President since April 2016. Michael’s position has been taken over in May...

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Spotlight on: Turbines and Renewable Gases!

The future European energy mix will no longer rely on fossil fuels. EUTurbines puts the spotlight on renewable gases such as biomethane, synthetic methane or hydrogen as solution to fully decarbonise dispatchable power generation. The document highlights the necessity of...

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Spotlight on: Turbines Flexibility and Network Codes

In this exclusive interview, Luca Guenzi (Solar Turbines) and Maxime Buquet (GE Power), co-chairs of the EUTurbines Task Force Grid Code since 2011, give an insight in the association’s network code (NC) related work. The two experts elaborate on the...

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Spotlight on: Integration of Energy Storage Solutions in Thermal Power Generation


The integration of energy storage into thermal power plants can greatly contribute to flexibility and efficiency improvements and, therefore, emission reductions as well as increased overall plant performance, leading to cost reductions. It will be an important...

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Spotlight on: Energy Efficiency and Turbines

Energy efficiency is an important building block of Europe’s climate and energy strategy. The idea is simple: more efficient energy use will lead to a decrease in energy consumption and wastage. While the debate focuses on an improved use of...

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Spotlight on: The evolution of turbine-based research

Dirk Goldschmidt (Siemens) has been EUTurbines TF Research chairman since 2013 – and involved in the association’s activities since 2007. What is the most active group of EUTurbines benefitted from Dirk’s experience and guidance in a fast-changing environment. Ahead of...

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