Code of Conduct

It is important that EUTurbines activities are at all times carried out in accordance with the applicable law, especially competition law. Business needs to be conducted in an atmosphere of free competition, i.e. on the basis of price and quality. EUTurbines fully supports the intention of competition law to stimulate free competition and has confirmed this by adopting a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is binding on all members as well as on other participants when taking part in activities of EUTurbines. The Code of Conduct aims at providing clear rules to EUTurbines’ members, thus reducing the risk of improper conduct and consequently of fines being imposed.

Our core values

Credible & Reliable

We provide realistic and trustworthy information based on facts to legislators, policy makers and other partners


We support the global approach of the European industry in our positioning and activities and liaise with partners worldwide


We promote constant innovation efforts. Our positions on technical and environmental topics are based on state of the art turbines technology

Forward-looking & Consensus-oriented

We pick up topics ahead of time and form industry opinions. A consensus-based decision making is the preferred option


We support a sustainable transition of the energy system aiming at decarbonising energy generation

Industry-driven & Compliant with antitrust law

We act based on solid input from our industry members and represent industry interests – in full compliance with European competition law