Power Generation

Gas and steam turbines are used in different configurations – alone or combined – to produce flexible, reliable and stable power and heat – independently from weather conditions and depending on the system needs:

  • Stable power, providing steady and efficient power supply as needed. Gas power plants, with the gas turbine at the core, in both OCGT and CCGT configuration provide flexible and stable power. Examples of steam turbine-based power plants include concentrated solar power or geothermal plants.
  • Back-up and peak demand power, ensuring the stability of the grid and security of supply thanks to the flexibility and fast response of turbine-based power plants.
  • Storage and security of supply, combining thermal or chemical storage with steam or gas turbines to guarantee the provision of power also in the medium and long-term.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP or cogeneration), achieving maximum fuel utilisation (above 90%) through the simultaneous provision of power and heat – may be with a gas turbine alone or in CCGT configuration. The waste heat of the gas turbine is directly used for industrial processes or, after driving a steam turbine to produce additional power, distributed to district heating networks.