Gas Market

The increasing introduction of renewable and low-carbon gases into the system will lead to adaptions of existing gas rules to facilitate the transformation of the gas sector. These may include modifications in the standards that define the quality of gases in the pipeline as well as the actual market design.

A forward-looking approach and improved certification schemes are needed to accelerate the adaptation of the gas sector.

While the technical limitations of the gas infrastructure and of gas-based applications need to be kept in mind, existing rules and standards should not hamper the injection of increasing amounts of gases that contribute to the gas sector’s decarbonisation. EUTurbines promotes a forward-looking approach to accelerate the adaptation of the gas sector.  

In the same way, certification schemes for gas should be further developed and harmonised at European level, giving a higher value to renewable or low-carbon gases than to traditional ones. Such certificates will help disconnecting renewable gas production from renewable gas consumption and facilitate cross-border trade – as well as help proving the decarbonisation efforts in gas power generation.