Renewable Gas & Hydrogen

Gas does not mean “natural gas”. While natural gas is currently the most used resource, the gas sector is undergoing a major transformation, shifting away from fossil gases towards an increased introduction of renewable gases into its infrastructure. To accelerate this transition, a credible plan for the decarbonisation of the gas network and a detailed roadmap to give predictability on the availability of renewable gases is needed.

Renewable gases need to also reach gas power plants, as important contributors to the stability of the grid and security of supply.

Biogas and other renewable gases can be used in power plants driven by gas turbines – both to produce power only or in cogeneration mode. Similarly, it is essential that the use of hydrogen is not limited to a small number of industrial sectors: in combination with the gas infrastructure’s storage capacity, hydrogen-ready gas turbines offer dispatchable, reliable and efficient power and heat, independently of weather conditions.

EUTurbines stresses the need to have a predictable framework that sets a clear path towards the decarbonisation of the gas sector. In connection with the Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Market package, this would be best achieved through
targets for quickly increasing the share of all types of renewable gases in the gas network.