European Technology, global Leadership

The European gas and steam turbine industry, with a strong manufacturing base and R&I centres in Europe, is the global competence hub for innovative and sustainable turbine-based solutions in a climate-neutral economy.

Essential technology in the future decarbonised European Energy mix

The European gas and steam turbine industry develops and provides technologies that support the EU’s climate and energy targets. The members of EUTurbines offer future-proof solutions for an energy system with increasing shares of variable renewables, providing flexible, dispatchable and efficient power and heat, independently from weather conditions.

Solutions for global energy needs

The European gas and steam turbine industry offers sustainable turbine-based solutions matching the diverse global energy needs. The members of EUTurbines provide valuable technologies to support the transition towards the decarbonisation of the energy sector, including through the progressive use of gases and heat of renewable origin.  


EUTurbines represents the interests of the whole sector of the gas and steam turbine industry. As a recognised and respected voice of the sector, it aims at integrating all European manufacturers of the sector, covering all relevant applications.

EUTurbines advocates an economic and legislative environment for European turbine manufacturers to develop and grow R&I and manufacturing in Europe and promotes the role of turbine-based power generation in a sustainable, decarbonised European and global energy mix.