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Since the publication of the #PowerTheEU Commitments, EUTurbines members have intensively worked on delivering their promises to further develop their technologies to the use of hydrogen and to offer retrofit solutions for existing assets.

The gas turbine industry delivers!

Latest developments within the gas turbine industry:

  • Most new gas turbines can now be delivered for a use of up to 30% hydrogen
  • Further capabilities for new gas turbines to operate with higher shares of hydrogen – up to 50% or even 60% – can be achieved, depending on the product category and combustion system
  • Installed gas turbines can be retrofitted for a use of 30% hydrogen with minor modifications, depending on their configuration
  • Solutions to adapt existing technology to even higher shares of hydrogen are available and need to be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • All EUTurbines members are developing new dry low emission burners that aim at handling up to 100 % hydrogen – the most sustainable and efficient option, while ensuring safety and compliance with emission requirements

Read more about our EUTurbines Event “Virtual Conference Hydrogen-Ready — Europe’s Plans & Our Contributions”:

Virtual Exhibition

Gas Turbines are a well-known and proven technology that provide reliable and stable – as well as affordable – power and heat. A year and a half after the publication of the #PowerTheEU Commitments to drive the transition to renewable-gas power generation, the turbine industry has reviewed the progress made until now in this new Brochure, also outlining the role of Gas Turbines in a climate-neutral energy system.

In addition, the efforts of EUTurbines members to adapt the technology to decarbonised and renewable gases – such as hydrogen – are presented below in individual posters.

Ansaldo Energia

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MAN Energy Solutions

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Siemens Energy

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