Renewable energy sources

The future energy system is renewable. While the first renewable energy sources that come to mind are wind and solar, there are also other sources. Renewable heat as well as renewable gases, such as biogas and clean hydrogen, are equally significant sources in a fully integrated and sustainable energy system – often used in combination with the turbine technology.

The turbine technology should be recognised as a core component of renewable power generation based on renewable heat and gases.

Steam turbines are a core component in thermal-based power generation, such as concentrated solar power, geothermal or biomass power. In the same way, the use of renewable gases in gas turbines to produce both electricity and heat is an important sustainable source, ensuring the stability of the grid and providing security of supply. EUTurbines stresses the need for the future Renewable Energy Directive to better acknowledge the importance of turbine-based renewable solutions and adequately cover the production and use of clean hydrogen – also in power generation.