Industrial Emissions

Gas power plants must not only keep GHG as low as possible, but also need to control and reduce emissions from other pollutants in connection with the combustion of natural gas – as covered by the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Medium Combustion Plants Directive. Here, the use of Best Available Technologies is key to be able to comply with increasingly stringent emission thresholds. The gas turbine manufacturers have developed different solutions to minimise these emissions and continue to work on improved technologies.

Changes in operation and the use of renewable gases in gas power generation need to be adequately covered by future legislation.

EUTurbines calls for future legislation to reflect the changing role of gas power generation – from baseload to back-up generation –, which may influence the related emissions during operation. In the same way, the use of gases other than natural gas will need to be properly covered in the future.

EUTurbines is member of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) Article 13 Forum and actively participated in the activities of the Large Combustion Plants Technical Working Group (LCP TWG).