Electricity Market

Electricity Market Design

The market for electricity needs to be agile and flexible and be able to adapt to the system needs, while ensuring secure and affordable energy supply to EU consumers. In connection with the ongoing transformation of the energy system, the role of gas power generation has changed, increasingly acting as a flexible back-up to variable renewables – and thus, ensuring the stability of the grid and security of supply. The changes in operation often prevent turbine-based power plants from recovering their costs in the electricity market.

The electricity market should ensure an adequate income stream for the provision of flexible dispatchable electricity.

EUTurbines calls for an electricity market design, which ensures an adequate income stream for the provision of flexible dispatchable electricity – allowing a constant adaptation of the electricity supply to the real demand. The market rules should support scarcity pricing and, if additionally needed, foresee capacity mechanisms that reward the provision of flexible generation capacities.

Grid Codes

Network Codes facilitate the harmonisation, integration and efficiency of the European electricity market. EUTurbines calls for requirements for generators, which recognise the contribution of the turbine technology to the stability of the system and consider the specificities of the technology. A synchronised and coordinated implementation of the European Network Codes at national level is essential to guarantee a well-functioning system. 

EUTurbines is an active partner of the European Stakeholder Groups on Grid Connection and System Operators and related expert groups and a “liaison organisation” at CENELEC.