Industry call for a binding EU target for biomethane

23 October 2023

In a joint effort to request the inclusion of a legally binding 2030 EU-level target for biomethane in the ongoing negotiations surrounding the Hydrogen & Gas Package, we join forces with 43 other organisations.

The Hydrogen & Gas Package gives legal status to enshrine the REPowerEU plan for advancing renewable gases. The undersigned acknowledge the steps already taken by policymakers to integrate elements of the REPowerEU proposal into the Hydrogen & Gas Package.

However, it is worth highlighting that the suggested target of 35 billion cubic meters (bcm) for biomethane, as currently outlined in the Regulation’s introductory sections, lacks legally binding status. Therefore, the signatories are earnestly appealing to policymakers to institute a robust and binding biomethane target at the EU level by incorporating a gas decarbonisation goal within the Package.

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