Joint Statement: A Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe

14 October 2021

EUTurbines, together with 11 other sectorial associations, has co-signed a statement calling for a Taxonomy “Climate Delegated Act” that truly promotes necessary investments enabling a sustainable transition to climate neutrality.

The joint statement lists highlights several key aspects from our perspective, including:

  1. The need for evidence-based and realistic technical screening criteria
  2. The need to duly acknowledge the role of natural gas-based electricity and/or heat generation in guaranteeing security of supply and grid stability
  3. The need for a clear methodology for measuring cogeneration emissions in the delegated act for transitional activities

In addition, the text also expresses the stakeholders’ growing concerns over the fact that Taxonomy criteria are increasingly being used as reference points or legal basis to revise key climate and energy legislation. This  contradicts the objectives of the Taxonomy, which is meant to be a guidance tool only.

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