EU Taxonomy: EUTurbines Proposal to include Gas Power Generation as Transitional Activity

06 August 2021

The evaluation of gas power generation and cogeneration in the context of the EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Finance has been envisaged for autumn 2021. EUTurbines recommends to foresee two transitional activities for power generation and cogeneration with gas in the planned complementary Delegated Act:

  • One supporting the fast replacement of the remaining coal and lignite power plants in Europe  
  • One for the transition from fossil to renewable and low-carbon gases for use in gas power plants that provide grid stability via flexible generation

Additionally, the recognition of blended renewable gases in the climate Delegated Act is proposed.

The recommended solutions support the transition to climate-neutrality in line with the EU’s climate ambitions. The criteria and thresholds follow a “science-based” approach, aligned with the criteria for transitional activities outlined in the EU Taxonomy Regulation and the thresholds mentioned in the climate Delegated Act for sustainable activities.

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