Joint position paper: Assessment on Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) requirements applied to Synchronous Power Generation Modules (SPGMs)

17 November 2023

In this paper, EUTurbines elaborates further on the reasons that lead the gas and steam turbine power plant industry to ask for adaptations to the Rate of Change of Frequency (RoCoF) requirements applied to high power Synchronous Power Generation Modules (SPGMs).
The document provides an overview of the extensive studies conducted by EUTurbines’ experts, examining the possible impacts of various RoCoF profiles on big thermal units, as well as the capability of these units to withstand such profiles.

The study recommends an acceptable RoCoF value for big units pegged at 1 Hz/s over a period of 500ms to mitigate the risk of loss of synchronism. Consequently, the study concludes that a reasonable and realistic compromise would be to apply the following:

  • the 1Hz/s over 500ms value to all Type D SPGM units,
  • the higher 2Hz/s over 500ms value to all smaller units, as specified in EN 50549-1 and -2.

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