Joint industry letter: 5 Principles for a EU Hydrogen Strategy

Download the letter here. 


EU Hydrogen Strategy: A colour-blind approach is needed

In a letter sent to the European Commission, the Council and the Parliament, EUTurbines, together with a wide industry alliance, calls for a Hydrogen Strategy that is inclusive of all clean hydrogen pathways. The letter states that a technology-neutral approach...

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EUTurbines-EUGINE Position on Energy System Integration

In a joint position paper on energy system integration, EUTurbines, together with EUGINE, calls for a balanced decarbonisation approach supporting and reaping all the benefits from the uptake of renewable and decarbonised gases, such as the possibility of long-term and...

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Joint Letter: Gas industry welcomes EU efforts to support economic recovery after the COVID19 pandemic

EUTurbines co-signed this Joint Letter in which the Gas industry welcomes EU efforts to support economic recovery after the COVI19 pandemic.

You can download the complete document here.


Joint Industry Letter to European Commission: Important to recognise Energy sector as essential infrastructure and services

EUTurbines, in cooperation with Cogen Europe, EBA, ETE, ETN, EUGINE, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope, addressed the Commission to stress the importance of the energy sector during the coronavirus crisis and the need to allow the movement of staff to ensure the...

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Joint industry position – Proposed review of ETS MRR Art 39(3) on biogas

EUTurbines has co-signed the Joint industry position – Proposed review of ETS MRR Art 39(3) on biogas

You can download the complete document here.


Joint statement for A Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe

EUTurbines has co-signed an industry statement on the Taxonomy Regulation.

You can download the complete document here.


EUTurbines and the European gas sector support renewable & decarbonised gases

EUTurbines together with other associations wrote to COREPER to express our support for the ongoing important work on the draft Council conclusions on the Future of Energy Systems in the Energy Union. Ahead of the COREPER debate on 12 June...

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Electricity Market Design - Any threshold such as 550g CO2/kWh requires an appropriate calculation methodology

In view of the upcoming trilogue on the Electricity Market Design, COGEN Europe, EUGINE and EUTurbines would like to strongly emphasise that the simple reference to a limit value like the 550g CO2/kWh - or its possible alternatives - is...

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EUTurbines Statement on Frequency Requirements

This EUTurbines statement aims to clarify the facts and status of discussions on a selected number of technical subjects on frequency related topics linked to Network Code Requirements for Generators. It gives clear recommendations from manufacturers side for the national implementation...

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New #Industry4Europe Paper on Implementation of an EU Industrial Strategy

EUTurbines as one of 122 European industrial associations co-signed the new #Industry4Europe Paper with suggestions to EU policy makers on how to implement an adequate governance for an EU industrial strategy. The proposals of the coalition paper focus on 2...

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EUTurbines comments to ENTSO-E consultation

EUTurbines comments to ENTSO-E Public consultation on Guidance for Connection Code implementation related to Frequency Stability Parameters.”



EUTurbines Position on Requirements for Generators Art 13 (4) and (5)

EUTurbines welcomes the update of the IGD on frequency stability related parameters, addressing, among others, the admissible active power reduction from maximum output with falling frequency (NC RfG Art 13 (4) and (5)). RfG Art 13 does not make a...

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#Industry4Europe campaign for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

EUTurbines has signed, together with another 118 industrial associations, a Joint Reaction Paper "For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: going further". The document is a reaction to the Commission's Communication on "Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry: a...

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EUTurbines Position on Electricity Market Design

EUTurbines welcomes the effort to adapt the electricity market design to the new market reality. The key element of the reform is the recognition of the need for flexibility solutions to balance the variable renewable energy sources as main contributors...

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EUTurbines comments to ETIP SNET IP consultation - August 2017

EUTurbines welcomes the initiative and stresses the importance of a continuous R&I support to achieve the energy system of the future. The relevance of all system contributors should be acknowledged.



EUTurbines comments - Survey on frequency related parameters IGD

EUTurbines comments to ENTSO-E Public consultation on Guidance for Connection Code implementation of frequency related parameters



EUTurbines Position on Impacts of variation in European H-gas quality

EUTurbines supports the idea of improving the security of supply on the European gas market by increasing the number of sources for gas in Europe and by creating a real European gas network. It is recognised that this includes gases...

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EUTurbines Position on Integration of energy storage in thermal power plants

Thermal power plants, originally designed for base-load operation, are increasingly shifting their role to provide fluctuating back-up power to meet unpredictable and short-notice demand peaks, to control and stabilise the grid.



EUTurbines joins industry coalition for an ambitious EU industrial strategy

EUTurbines has signed a common declaration of a large coalition of European industry associations, requesting the European Commission to come up with a strategy and an action plan on how to better support the European manufacturing sector. The declaration is...

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EUTurbines Machinery Directive Evaluation

EUTurbines has replied to the Public consultation of the European Commission regarding the evaluation of the Machinery Directive.



EUTurbines and other European industry associations call for a conclusion of the Environmental Goods Agreement by end 2016

European industry associations from different sectors reiterate their support for the negotiations on the Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) and would like to underline the importance of reaching a comprehensive agreement during the final negotiating round scheduled to start on 26...

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EUTurbines Position Paper Hydrogen R&I priorities

Power-to-Gas will play an important role in the future as part of an energy system that includes an increasing share of intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines and photovoltaics. Allowing excess energy generated – be it from thermal...

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EUTurbines reply to EC consultation 2017 priorities

Reply to the Commissions' Public Consultation Paper - Establishment of the annual priority lists for the development of network codes and guidelines for 2017 and beyond



EUTurbines comments to the ENTSO-E Public Consultation on Connection Codes Implementation Guidance Documents

EUTurbines has replied to the ENTSO-E Public consultation



EUTurbines Position on Gas Turbines in the planned Environmental Goods Agreement

EUTurbines Position on Gas Turbines in the planned Environmental
Goods Agreement



EUTurbines comment to ENTSO-G Public consultation on issues and impacts related to the CEN gas quality standard EN16726:2015

EUTurbines has replied to the ENTSO-G Public Consultation.



EUTurbines views on an Energy Union R&I strategy

EUTurbines has replied to the Commission's public consultation on the development of a comprehensive, integrated R&I and Competitiveness Strategy for the Energy Union, which aimed at identifying priority areas and actions that can best contribute to Europe’s transition to a...

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EUTurbines comments - Set-Plan Issue Paper 9 (CCS)

Renewing efforts to demonstrate carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the EU and developing sustainable solutions for carbon capture and use (CCU)



EUTurbines-ETN - SET-Plan Issue Paper 6 - EE in energy intensive industries

The European associations representing the turbine sector in Europe, EUTurbines (European Association of Gas and Steam Turbine Manufacturers) and ETN (European Turbine Network), welcome the Commission’s initiative to refocus and prioritise the actions and activities within the updated SET-Plan and...

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EUTurbines response to ENTSO-E survey priorities



Joint input paper - EPPSA-EUGINE-EUTurbines - SET-Plan Issues paper 4 - Energy Systems

The sector of flexible thermal power generation technology in Europe, represented by EPPSA (European Power Plant Suppliers Association), EUGINE (European Engine Power Plants Association) and EUTurbines (European Association of Gas and Steam Turbine Manufacturers) welcome the European Commission’s initiative to...

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EUTurbines explanatory note for power output versus frequency - EU Network Code Requirements for Generators